Focus your goals and dreams on what works for you.

“This kind of exploration and discovery occurs most effectively, I believe, when my daily diligence has equipped me with the physiological and psychological tools required to be truly proficient at the simple act of running over natural terrain with ease.”
~ Anton Krupicka – On Being Real (interview) ~

The above mentioned quote is the sensation that I strive for and dream about. I dream of a day when I am and I realize that when I stop or how far I go is completely up to me. Not that I can’t stop anytime; I am referring to a much deeper level. It does not happen often but I love the feeling that I am in the zone and feel like I could run all day if I wanted to. Someday, I will get that feeling and put it to the test. Even though words like routine, constant, strict and schedule normally make me cringe in relation to running; the key is to find what you love, what you are passionate about and stick with it. So, lean towards consistency instead of setting the torturous resolutions I have previously mentioned. Goals are still important but again you have to make sure they are your goals and on behalf of you! If goals help you stay on track and focused that is great however if you find them stressing you out or distracting you, it is time to revisit them. The Golden Rule of Goals is to make SMART goals.
Time Bound

Three of these are fairly easy to define the other two on the other hand can be harder to be honest with yourself about. The attainable part I suppose can be accomplished with a lot of work (which I am not against) but will you be able to enjoy the experience? Probably the most difficult aspect in my mind is the realistic part. Since it is easy to get excited about an idea and it excites others when they hear you talk about it. In the end, it has got to be what you want and not about doing something to prove something to anyone else. Make sure your dreams are yours! I honestly love the supportive people who say “I know you can do this” and “you got this” nevertheless these are a relative truths. In the long run the question remains; is it in our best interest? Before you think that I am against competition, I am absolutely not. If competing pushes you and brings out the feeling of being alive, do it.

It is about discovery of what brings you into awareness for the reason that it is not necessarily the activity that “makes” you happy or brings the enjoyment. It is the activity wholeheartedly brings to focus this very moment; yesterday, tomorrow or even later today do not exist. You have heard me state how the act of trail running brings me into complete awareness. So much of my time is spent “in my head” over thinking and stressing about so many things that it is a relief to have an activity which requires my complete attention, and as an added bonus to being in the present moment it also reaffirmed the importance of consistency to me. Not to mention the views when nature stops me in my tracks and remind me how incredibly beautiful the world can be.      

Happy New Year! Find your passion and use it to make the world a better place. 


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