Sunrise; the rising hope of a new day

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”
~ Bernard Williams ~

Something about a sunrise or sunset has always intrigued me but I am partial to the sunrise; it is a life lesson in itself. It comes only after the darkest and coldest hours of the day with its brief, fiery beauty. If you are not present, you miss it and it can only be at its most brilliant when there are just enough clouds overhead to reflect it. It is a reminder that no matter what happened before that, you are about to be given another chance; another opportunity to begin again. No matter what, I have been stopped in my tracks at times when I see a multi colored glow spilling over the horizon. I can’t count the mornings I was stressed beyond belief and I would come around the corner and there it was in front of me. It was time to stop and take a minute or two to admire and refocus. I think that is why I like to be near the end of a run at sunrise and be pulled back into the moment by the view.

Then there are the times I like to call bonus sunrises. This is a day that you did not have to get up but you did anyway, it does not matter why. This is a day of no work and once you get out of the house and get on your way, you see it. It might be over the houses in your neighborhood, or the distant horizon on the highway, or it may illuminate an otherwise taken for granted city skyline. I remember one in particular coming through Kansas City and the normally cold metal and glass buildings were glowing in the distance. Maybe it was a little reminder to me that the city is not all bad? One of my favorites though is getting to a lake or wooded area just before sunrise and seeing the red and orange glow reflected in the fog.

I absolutely suggest picking a spot and waking up with the sole purpose of watching the sun calling your part of the world to action. Having no where to be and no rushed schedule to occupy your mind, just take it in.

Check it out for yourself:


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