Be a Man (whatever that means)

Be a Man (whatever that means)

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
~ Frederick Douglass ~

People say ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’; I don’t really buy that completely. It can build character and to a point makes your resolve stronger, but it breaks you down as well. I am not advocating giving up or hiding behind excuses either. I am saying be realistic with yourself and know your limitations.

Many people see talking to someone about your problems and feeling as a weakness. When in fact it takes a lot of strength to admit that maybe you need some help. Especially for men; after all, we are taught our whole lives to suck it up, be a man (whatever that means), and be strong. The problem being that no one tells you how to do all of these manly things.

If you catch yourself telling a boy or young man to man up or any of the previously mentioned phases, please step back and think about the consequences. Boys must be taught that it is perfectly okay to be caring, loving, and sensitive to their's other’s feelings. As a matter of fact everyone could benefit from this human characteristics.

Jumping down off my soapbox now but remember to treat each other with care. We all have our own stories playing out and struggles you may know nothing about. Seek out someone who can help you get through whatever it is your are going through. 

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