Now is Not a Time for Sitting in Silence, it is a time to Stand!

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr. ~

Now is Not a Time for Sitting in Silence, it is a time to Stand!

If you ignore something that you know in your heart is wrong are you not at least partially to blame? For a long time people may not have known the truth but the facts are easily accessible if you care to look. The history of America that most of us have been taught is somewhere between a glorified fabrication and a sickening string of lies.

Before you call me unpatriotic or a bleeding heart liberal I ask you to take off your red, white, and blue tinted glasses and check the facts, open your eyes. This country was no more discovered by Europeans than if you like your neighbor’s house and move while they are at work. It was stolen and a war was waged to eliminate the millions of people already living here. If our government chose to acknowledge this type of activity by someone else it is called genocide…unless of course you are a little poor country without much to offer, sorry Darfur and Sudan among others. History calls it Manifest Destiny which is a nice sounding way to make people believe that ‘God said it was okay to kill these people and take the land’.

We as a people have had many opportunities over time to allow the indigenous people live their lives as the peaceful human beings that they are, with dignity and grace. Instead our government waits for them to give up or die off so they can hopefully be forgotten for good.  Well, it has been five hundred years and they still hang on to their spirit and beliefs, even though most live in deplorable poverty.
I was ignorant of the real history when I was a child but I am no longer ignorant and will no longer be silent. So, you continue celebrating your fake holidays and telling your fables. I will not be a part of that and I will do my best to teach my children not to be silent either. It is far past time to welcome these people and stop talking about it and do something.

Right now hundreds of tribes are banding together to protect something that all of us should be interested in. The Dakota Access Pipeline could easily cause massive destruction to the Missouri River and affect many lives in the process.  Today the National Guard will be used at the sites when the judge’s decision is given. Remember Kent State and Birmingham, Alabama, or the FBI debacle at Pine Ridge?

Educate, Spread the word, and Stand with the Standing Rock Sioux!


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