Why Can’t People be Honest When You Try to Help Them?

Why Can’t People be Honest When You Try to Help Them?

Why can’t people be honest when you try to help them? Yes, some circumstances are touchy subjects and you have to be careful. But, when you spend time building a relationship and show them that you are honest and looking out for their best interest, I don’t get it. 

Since being put in a position to hire and fire as a means to build my team I have chosen to groom people and build on their strong points. In that time, I have taken four temporary employees and hired them to full time and attempted to hire three more. I currently have one to show for it. One left for a better opportunity close to home, another started missing days after becoming full time, one had to make two separate emergency trips to Mexico during critical times of the year, another made a similar emergency trip and I never heard from him again, while the last two failed two different parts of the hiring process that they had to know was a risk. 

I know it is always a risk trying to hire from the temp ranks but, I really felt like these were good moves at the time. So, do I suck at judging and hiring people or do I allow people to set me up for failure? It is really frustrating to feel like you are doing the right thing and what is best for others and continually have it thrown back in your face. 

I will continue to build my team even if it means looking like a dumb ass from time to time. I expect a lot of my people but I give a lot of myself too. One of these days I will get these issues figured out, but until then I will continue to fine tune things. I cannot give up on them or let them think that I will because that is what everyone else has done to them in the past. 

I am done ranting and banging my head on the wall for tonight, thank you for listening.  


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