What techniques do you use when your inner compass is broken?

“Sleep does not help, if it is your soul that is tired”
~ unknown ~

What techniques do you use when your inner compass is broken?

There are many ways to describe the feeling; drowning, in quick sand, walls are closing in, suffocating or in a dark place. What do you do when these feelings come on? How do you cope when you trouble to focus on normally unassuming tasks, or without enough energy to push through the day. Small talk is virtually impossible, and you don’t really feel like talking to anyone anyway.

Things that were important to you before seem trivial or at least you feel like you can’t afford to share what little energy you have. I don’t think it is that you care less about these things, but it is more of a survival mode we go into.  We do not do the things that normally bring us joy and we distance ourselves from people, neither being a good choice.

I am curious to hear how other’s get through these days. What little tricks you use on yourself until the fog lifts. I know that nothing works the same for everyone but I am still curious as to your techniques, and if they change with the depth of the darkness. Do you have a “go to” tactic if you feel it starting, trying to cut it off at the pass? What do you do when these alternatives are taken away from you, are unavailable, or not good for you?

I would really like to open up this discussion and share thoughts and Ideas. I think it is important for all of us to share what has worked for us in the past. Someone could benefit from hearing your ideas on this subject. It may not stop the feelings but it could give a little peace of mind finding a way to deal with them when they arise. Your comments could also help those who do not really understand what we are feeling or what we are going through.

Please share a comment about your thoughts and ideas on this subject. Thank you. 


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