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Free State Trail Half Marathon

Free State Trail Half Marathon – Lawrence, KS
Saturday April 19th I ran the Free State Half for the first time. Keeping pace with every other Trail Nerds event I have been involved with this was a challenging and exciting day. At start time the temperature was about 48 degrees but it was going to warm up quickly. I was not focusing on a specific pace or finish time but I still wanted it to be respectable. Typical to my habits, I arrived early and wandered around a little getting a feel for the day. On my way back to my Jeep I ran into my friend Jeff and we talked until it was time to get our gear and head to the start line. Looking back I am thankful for the distraction while we talked about upcoming races and possibly me pacing part of his 100 miler in November. You can feel the energy from the crowd and the DJ’s music is getting everyone pumped up. Ben gives his final instructions and tells us to go!
I settle into a semi-comfortable pace and commit to myself to maintain and keep mo…

Do not wait to tell someone how you feel or to do the things you dream about

“Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time... It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.” ~ Leo Buscaglia ~

Do not wait to tell someone how you feel or do the things you dream about
The last couple of weeks have been spent letting my legs recover by getting in some workouts and shorter runs while preparing for what lies ahead, and as usual for me...thinking about life.
A few conversations and situations have left me thinking about wasted time, wasted opportunities and waiting until it is too late to tell someone how you truly feel. Why does it seem to be human nature to put up walls and keep people at a distance? Petty disagreements can ruin relationships because ego gets involved. One of the problems with ego is that “it” is not who you are, it uses you to keep itself strong. When I talk about ego I am not talking about just the pride aspect; ego takes on whatever form is necessary to maintain control. This happens until something wakes us up and makes…