Do not wait to tell someone how you feel or to do the things you dream about

“Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time... It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.”
~ Leo Buscaglia ~

Do not wait to tell someone how you feel or do the things you dream about

The last couple of weeks have been spent letting my legs recover by getting in some workouts and shorter runs while preparing for what lies ahead, and as usual for me...thinking about life.

A few conversations and situations have left me thinking about wasted time, wasted opportunities and waiting until it is too late to tell someone how you truly feel. Why does it seem to be human nature to put up walls and keep people at a distance? Petty disagreements can ruin relationships because ego gets involved. One of the problems with ego is that “it” is not who you are, it uses you to keep itself strong. When I talk about ego I am not talking about just the pride aspect; ego takes on whatever form is necessary to maintain control. This happens until something wakes us up and makes us realize what is really important in life. How many people do we allow to slip away from us? This is usually not only one person when this happens because there is a ripple effect. How many dreams get swept under the carpet because life gets in the way and we feel like we do not deserve to reach those dreams? We let opportunities go by because even though we want to try, we don’t feel like we are good enough. Then it happens. Someone dies or is getting close to death or we have an experience that makes us realize how fragile life really is.

Life is not meant to be lived in the future; it is meant to be lived right now with the people we love and cherish. Let’s face it any one of us could be erased from this earth at any moment, and then what? You can not go back. You can’t tell them that one thing that you have been waiting for just the right time to say. That thing you have been waiting for some day to do; too late. I want you to flip through every month in your calendar and find one with someday on it. If it is there, you are lucky, if not you need to grab a pen and write it on there. If someone has been on you mind go talk to them or give them a call (not a text). If that one “thing” has been in the back of your mind that you have wanted to do then make plans to do it. That disagreement that has been eating at you, suck it up and apologize. This is not to say that everyone who is not in your life right now belongs there; that is a decision only you can make.

We get busy with life but it is important to remember to be part of the living of that life. We all have a rut that we have allowed ourselves to get trapped in. Something that has kept us from someone that is more important than the circumstance that is keeping us from them. Sorry for my time on the soap box but I feel like this is an important message; just because you love someone does not mean they know it. So now for your assignment: Tell someone how you feel about them, let go of an old grudge, sign up for that thing you have wanted to do. Live you life!    


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