The round table discussion of a lifetime

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”


The round table discussion of a lifetime

You are given an opportunity to sit down and talk about and ask any questions you want with any five people dead or alive…Who would you request? I have thought about this at different stages of my life and the list has changed but not very much. Before I give you my list of five, think about whom you would ask or maybe the best approach is to think of what you want to get out of this meeting and then who could give the best insight. Also before I go any further, this is not about and will not turn out to be a post or debate about religion. This is about individual questions and a quest fro knowledge. How as a society can we make things better for everyone and everything in this universe? How can we can be better, more loving and compassionate members of that universe? Is it possible for us to learn to be inclusive and not judge others? Can we coexist with people who we feel are different and not feel that we must convince others to believe what we do or simply exclude them? This is a sampling of the questions I would have for my fantasy round table discussion. I would get the discussion going and become a sponge to the wealth of knowledge and experience that I am in the company of. Obviously your five people would depend on your questions which I expect to be different than mine.

So, have you figured out your invitation list yet? Here is mine. My first chair goes to my brother Scott who we lost when he was two days old, just to be together. Albert Einstein, not only because of his obvious intelligence but his understanding that we were all connected and I think he would be fun. The Dali Lama has been a person I have wanted to meet for many years; just the opportunity to be in his presence would be incredible. This is where I must reiterate the disclaimer; this is not a religious debate, but merely a chance to find out how we can be better people…The next two chairs go to Jesus and Buddha and what I would ask them is this; from “their” original ideals and philosophies what advise or hopes would they have for us today.

I am now realizing that there would be more people I would like to visit with, but since I said five I guess I have to stop the invitations here. What a day this would be to share ideas and just be quiet and listen for a while. It is fun to think about periodically to see if your choices change along the journey. This is part of what occupied my thoughts this morning during my run. It is interesting to explore possibilities and “what ifs” and what we would do if we could.           


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