Odie, the Adoption Chapter; One Adoption Down and One to Go!

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

~ Roger Caras ~

Odie, the Adoption Chapter; One Adoption Down and One to Go!

Friday was Odie’s second visit to the clinic to begin month number two of heart worm treatment. As the title gives away and due to the fact that I am not good at keeping secrets, he is officially part of our family. I do not consider myself a dog owner, but more of a person who is lucky enough to have a dog for a friend.
Adoption photo at the shelter

Odie's new toy and Rocky checking it out
He is doing very well and making great progress. We have been taking our time with everything and he is settling into a routine quite nicely. At first I was not too sure about keeping him in the kennel so much but it has worked very well. When he was out of the kennel we had him tethered to different areas in the living room and this allowed for gradual and calculated interactions with our cat. I would not say that they are best buds yet but they both know that each other belongs there now.  I think Rocky might have even missed him while we were out of town and Odie was not around.

Daddy, daughter moment

Odie at a horse event with Erin

We are always working on socialization skills with people and other dogs that we meet on our walks around the neighborhood and park. I sometimes have to explain to him that some people do not understand how to let their dogs meet other dogs and as long as he is behaving, it is not his fault if they can’t be friends. We have met and talked to a lot of people and dogs who have rescued each other. He is a good conversation starter.

His confidence seems to be growing all the time and he is quite curious while we are out. I call it nosy, but my wife (who is also curious) assures me that it is curiosity. The only other animal that he reacts to although mostly as a passing interest would be rabbits. I am thinking that they might have been more than a few dinners while he was out fending for himself. We have walked within a couple of feet of the ducks and geese and he could care less.

This past Tuesday he really displayed his progress when my wife was walking him. They were almost home and he went on alert looking up the street. There was a lose Jack Russell at the corner and he was heading straight at them. My wife tried to get him to cut through the neighbor’s yard but he stood his ground. She talked to him and patted his head and kept the leash lose while this very high energy Terrier ran around him sniffing. Odie watched him run circles around him but remained calm until the owner came and got the dog. He was apologetic and thankful for Odie’s patience.

Chillin with my boy' 

I am looking forward to when he completes his treatment and is 100% healthy so we can start taking little runs and go hiking. I am already enjoying the time that we can sit on the floor and spend some quality time with him. It is exciting to be able to be part of his story and have him as part of our family. Thank you KC Pet Project for all that you do and for the opportunity to meet so many great people and animals in the past few months! 


  1. Yay! So happy for you all!


    1. Thank you very much! He has really become a member of our family. It is nice to be able to make him part of my journey. Thanks for reading!


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