What if? The question that ends too many a dreams.

“A sobering thought: what if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?”
~ Jane Wagner ~

What if?  The question that ends too many a dreams.

What if I am living up to my full potential? What if, this is all there is? What if I never get a chance to do the things that are in my heart? These are three of a million What ifs that almost any one of us could ask every day. I know that I have and continue to wonder about my full potential and possible impact on the world if I step out from behind fear and doubt.

I often wonder if I will run out of time to fulfill my What ifs. I hope with all my heart that my children learn from my mistakes and examples to go for their dreams. Looking back I would rather deal with consequences than regrets. Sometimes we get pulled into the vacuum of responsibility and we are left to wonder if too much time has passed. If we are prisoners of our past debt and failures, never to be free to simply Go for it.

I have decided to really try to focus on the more positive What ifs without (too much) fear or regret. As part of this new plan I have created a Facebook page titled WhAt If? It can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pages/What-if/1580563155526130 . My hope is that with this page and blog that I can affect at least two people. One being that one person I hoped to help when I first started my blog, by reading it and thinking that they are not so screwed up after all, the other being me. This may sound selfish but by making a commitment to only post in a positive manner, it helps me stay on track.

Does that mean that I will never post about being depressed? Well no, because I also strive to be honest and depression is a real thing. It also does not mean that I won’t post about serious issues and things that are not always pleasant. My goal is to always look for a positive way to be part of the solution, keeping energy focused on the issue while not getting involved in blame or judgement.

I have a tendency to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders (so I am told). So, I tend to distance myself from sources of negativity when I am able to. This includes the media, television, certain people, situations, or places but this is not always possible or realistic. The human body is made of energy and negative energy, in my opinion seems to travel faster and more freely so it is critical to attract positive energy.  

Well, if you are still reading, Thank you! This may come across as a soap box rant but I hope it made you think about something positive.

Have a quality day!

~ E ~ 


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