The 100 Days of Happiness Experiment

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions."

~ Dalai Lama ~

The 100 Days of Happiness Experiment 

I took part in a 100 Days of Happiness experiment and today is the final day. There were many days that if I had not made a commitment to post every day, that I would have given in to life.This was very challenging and at times I thought I was wasting my time. And then my Mom passed away, I was working too many hours, and anxiety of our pregnancy began to wear on me. Luckily, my wife helped me stay grounded and reminded me when negativity was seeping out.  

Something I came to realize was that it requires all of the other emotions combined to feel happiness and know what is really important. Even during depression periods, there is something to be grateful for. Happiness does not mean everything is perfect, it merely means staying focused on what is important.  

I also did a lot of thinking about my career and purpose. I have always worried about what I was doing not being important. But I have realized that it is not what I am doing, it is what I do while doing what I do that counts. The business side of what I do means very little to me, but I have been afforded the opportunity to help and guide the people that I am managing. I think this group of people has been lacking someone who was concerned with them as people more than just a resource.

So, although I still don't know if it is possible to be realistic and feel happy all the time, I know that is not something that I will experience. But, I will continue to focus on my friends and family and trying to be a good human being. So with that being said, I will call this experiment a success and well worth the investment of 100 days and I suggest giving it an honest go. 


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