A Conceivably Healthier World

A Conceivably Healthier World

People say that in a capitalist environment, you have to have winners and losers. I will give you that part; what I have a problem with, is when people can justify billionaires in mansions while another lives under a bridge. There are children going hungry while others waste gourmet food served on expensive china. When we ask why that is, the most common answer is because that is the way it is and has always been. They don’t want it enough, they aren’t smart enough, they don’t have what it takes, they… Who the hell are they and who are you to answer for them?

We as a people need to rebuild our education systems, our corrections systems, and our economic systems. We need to treat mental health as a priority and not something that needs to be hidden away or ashamed of. We need to put children first and make sure that they have what they need to carry them into the future. We must teach children to understand that they are here for a reason and can accomplish anything that they chose and anything is possible. Never tell a child that anything is impossible or can’t be done.

Many of us have been broken at one time or another; look after each other. Be kind and considerate to those around you. Have the potential repercussions to others in mind when you act. Engage in acts of kindness for the simple reason of acting in kindness. Act as if you can make a difference, and you will. Act as though it matters, because it does. What could happen if we treated each other with love and respect?

What is inside of you that if you shared it would make the world just a little bit better? Evil always takes center stage because it makes for good news stories. How about shining your light and outshining the bad. We know the saying that ‘hurt people, hurt people’, but what about ‘good people bring out the good in other people’? Break the cycle of the hurt, and build on the good. 


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