Inspiration Like a Flame Gets Passed On And Does Not Take Away From Itself

Inspiration like a flame gets passed on and does not take away from itself

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do."
~ Edward Everett Hale ~

My current challenge to myself was inspired by a friend who not only participated in, but finished in the top ten and won his age group in the Grand to Grand Ultra. For those who are nor familiar with this, it is a seven day/six stage completely self-supported race in the Grand Canyon. Basically, that means clothing, sleeping bag, every bit of food, etc. you carry as you run 160+ miles in a week. This was not only an endurance event but an extreme test of perseverance and heart. In a normal endurance event you push on until you reach the finish, but in this one the competitors had to will themselves to the start line every morning. It was described as being a relentless, daily beating with a baseball bat that you willingly lined up for. I have the utmost respect for anyone who put themselves through this and reached the finish.  

This brings me to the epiphany that I had the other morning during a run. I am going to attempt to relight my own inner fire by lacing up my running shoes every day in October. Along with my regular training runs I will run at least one mile every day in the month of October. There are going to be days when it will not be convenient or easy, but hence the challenge. Many undertakings are born or perish out of developing habits, good or bad. It seems that bad behaviors are much easier to pick up and stick with, while the good ones are more difficult to cultivate. The time has come to retool good practices and passion while eradicating some bad behaviors.    

My hopes are that by knowing that at some point and time during each day I will have to get at least one mile in the books that I will in turn make better nutritional choices as well. It will also take away the opportunity for me to make deals with myself like “maybe I will do it this afternoon if I feel like it” or “I think I will just do it tomorrow”, because I will have to do it and not put it off. Do away with the excuses and reasons not to do something and you are doing it. I make better choices when I am going to run, I run well when I feel better, and I feel better after I run. It is all cyclical behavior just the same as if I make poor choices I make more convincing excuses and in the long run, avoid the long run. Plan ahead, follow through and greatly increase the chances of success.

I also like to pass on inspiration to others, so if I can get people involved and excited it will make it a more powerful and meaningful endeavor. Inspiring thought and action was the main motivation behind starting this blog in the beginning. I have been inspired and am ready to share and encourage you to develop or fine tune a habit of healthy living and enhance your quality of life. People are beginning to look towards the end of the year and then they will plan a New Year’s Resolution. Before they know it March rolls around and the cycle starts all over until someday never comes. If we can be honest with ourselves then why wait if we know this is what happens. The Time is now and the Place is here!

There is always something we are meaning to start or want to develop, so here is the chance. I would like to throw out this challenge to anyone who is interested in getting a new healthy living behavior started. Pick one thing; it can be running, walking, riding a bike, eating vegetables or any behavior that has been on the someday calendar and has been brushed aside. I would caution you not to try to fix everything at once, pick on thing each month and soon you will be automatically making better choices. It can be as simple as saying “I am going to do 20-30 minutes of physical activity (it can be any combination) every day”. Make sure that it is challenging but doable because you do not want to set yourself up for failure. If that means on a given day all you can squeeze in is 10 minutes before work and 10-15 during lunch or after work then that is what you do.  It is about building habits and not beating yourself up over details.

If we each can motivate and inspire one person we can make a huge difference and some pretty incredible changes. Join me in whatever way you choose and chip away at the things that are hurting you or holding you back. 


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