My 20 Day; Out with the Bad, in with the Good, Straighten Myself Out, Modify my Habits, Detox Thing

“You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, 'I release the need for this in my life'.”
~ Wayne Dyer ~

My 20 Day Out with the Bad, in with the Good, Straighten Myself Out, Modify my Habits, Detox Thing

Today is the halfway point of my 20 day out with the bad, in with the good, straighten myself out, modify my habits, detox thing. It is not a diet except in definition because your diet is what you eat, not what you do without. A lot of people don’t understand what I am doing (aka, eating real foods, cutting out processed food and sugar and alcohol) to which I attempt to educate them if they are so inclined. I am “doing without” putting garbage in my body which is also helping me get my head clearer because I am not beating myself up for feeling bad about what I am eating or drinking and in turn eating or drinking because I feel bad. I have also been throwing in some short meditation sessions as well.  

As I stated in my last post; I have been sliding down a slippery slope of eating things I knew were not good for me and having a couple of drinks a night. All the time “justifying” bad habits because I was feeling depressed, tired, or just not good. Knowing all the time that the items I was putting in my body were causing some of the physical symptoms while feeding the bad feeling I was having mentally. Since life is cyclical you would think that we would cut these habits and trends off quicker, but most times we are too smart for our own good. When we are having a bad day; we will climb an extra flight of stairs, take a walk later, and do better tomorrow and so on until these behaviors are the new habit.

I have only had one really bad day when I thought I might fall hard off the wagon and that day was yesterday. My sister and I have a saying that depression is like “losing my speed and going to my dark place” which is where I was headed yesterday. Luckily I drove straight to the gym and ran a mile on the track and did 100 Bosu push ups with my “angry music” blaring into my head the whole time. This did not fix everything but it got me through the rough spot enough to go home and have dinner and stay on track. I have found that installing stop gaps such as working out, running and sometimes just deep breathing helps me immensely to temporarily stop a behavior.

All of this rambling stuff aside I just wanted to update anyone who might be interested in my progress. Some subjects that I am pondering for future blogs; my recent volunteering at a no kill animal shelter called KC Pet Projects, bans on things that people don’t understand like Pit-bulls and a trip to Minnesota to pace a friend on a 100 mile trail race, and a possible birthday hiking adventure. Stay tuned and thank you for reading along!      


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