Four Butterflies, a Dog, and a Miracle

"You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen."

~ Paulo Coelho ~

Four Butterflies, a Dog, and a Miracle

Anyone who know us or follows this blog knows the roller coaster of emotions my wife and I have been on since the Spring of 2011. It began Father's Day 2011 with a card and a pregnancy test telling me that I was going to be a father. I have two grown children and was ready for the challenge to begin again. What I was not ready for was the visit to the doctors office and watching my wife's hopes, dreams, and whole world come crashing down while being helpless to save her.

We suffered through three more miscarriages, one in 2012 and two in 2014. We had decided to adopt and were a year into the process when before an x-ray from a trail running injury that Kristen found out she was pregnant for the fifth time. The person giving her the news was befuddled by her reaction, wondering why she was not happy. Losing a baby drains you much more than mentally and physically, it drains your heart of hope.

We decided to see what fate had in store for us while being cautiously optimistic as the pregnancy surpassed any of our past experiences. We were both very nervous but hopeful. We have had so many people tell us "you get pregnant while trying to adopt"well, that is statistically not true. In this case though, I believe an adoption did influence our lives. The adoption was our dog Odie and somehow we began to become a family.

Jumping ahead to December of this year; we head to the hospital at 2 a.m. with my wife in labor. My plan was to stay at the top corner of the bed and look at nothing. This was what I did the last two times I was in a labor and delivery room but it would not be how things would not end up turning out. 

We had great nurses including spending twelve hours with an amazing labor and delivery nurse named Heather. She had me completely relaxed and I was involved in the entire process including cutting the cord. It was an incredible experience that I will not forget. Our beautiful daughter came into the world that night at 6:52 p.m.

 They placed the baby across my wife's chest and she instantly stopped crying. I got to finally see a look of complete unconditional love and satisfaction. I sat down for a couple minutes watching them and then went outside and walked around under a beautiful star filled sky contemplating the events of the day. 

She is lucky to have two grown sisters who will be incredible role models and be surrounded by many people who love and care for her. I hope to expose her to many different cultures, people and ways of thinking to help her become a caring, compassionate citizen of the world. 


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