Take Time to Listen and Love

"If we all take the time to listen and love each other, this world would be a better place."
~ Mike Love ~

Take Time to Listen and Love

My wife and I attended a Holiday Celebration and Remembrance for people who have lost babies due to miscarriage and other causes last night. This is a time to get together and support each other while we remember the little ones that we either never got to hold or held only briefly. Each passing year when we go to this event and other Remembrances; we see some familiar faces and the unfortunately easy to recognize pain of a recent loss.

Candles lit during the ceremony 
The babies ornaments
Last night was no different. The couple standing in front of us, who my wife and met, had just recently experienced a loss. They were both very nice people and I instantly felt the pain coming from both of them. I watched through the night as people came to her with hugs and kind words while the husband stood close by and supported her.

During one of the times when she was surrounded by people and he was taking a picture of their candle, I walked over and introduced myself. Normally I think I should do this and don’t because I mostly keep to myself. But this time I decided that it was time. No one usually asks the man if he is alright, we are men after all, right? We are supposed to be alright and take care of everything. Well, I know that sometimes we need someone to ask, so I did.

 The most memorable part of the night was listening to a little boy and his Mom talk as they arrived. As they walked up to the table to pick up the ornament they made to remember the little girl she lost, the boy asked “is this where my sister is?” and the Mom replied “no honey, this is where the celebration for her is.” Wow, you never think of having those conversations with a little child but there she was having it.

The thought behind this post is this. Holidays can be a loving, giving, and wonderful time, but they can also be difficult, painful, and stressful. So, check on each other. Be kind to each other. Most of all, love each other. Like it or not, we are all in this together. 


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