What does depression feel like you ask?

"It's often difficult for those who are lucky enough to have never experienced what true depression is to imagine a life of complete hopelessness, emptiness and fear."
~Susan Polis Schutz~

What does depression feel like you ask? 

Some think it is being sad, in a bad mood, or grumpy. That’s cute, but don’t fool yourself it is so much more. People want to know what caused it, why are you not happy? Well, there is not always an answer to those questions or explanations to the feelings. 

In my case anxiety seems to be one of the major things that fuel depression for me. For me, once depression sets in I feel isolated, tired, alone, heavy, and dark. The best way to describe it is being in quicksand in a dark, dismal place and no one sees you. People walk by but I feel invisible. 

There are days when I feel a little better and I can smile or even laugh, and without warning, it drags me under again. Because anxiety is a trigger even good stress can set things off at times. I absorb energy that is around me so it is critical not to be around negative people or situations.    

Darkness is a powerful force which quietly baits you at times, whereas other times it grabs you by the ankles and pulls you in against your will. What we have to be vigilant about is using the dark place as a safe place to hide, which can happen when you go numb. Just be careful not to take up residence there.

Think about the conversations you have had with people regarding injuries or medical things. Have you had conversations about colonoscopy, catheters or other not pleasant topics? Watch a ball game and you will see a dozen commercials for erectile dysfunction. Now, tell someone you have been having some issues and you are thinking of making an appointment with a counselor and you might with you said you had ED instead, which is completely wrong.  

Starting Saturday May 7th my friend Julio will begin a run across Wisconsin to raise awareness of mental health and Defeat the Stigma that is tied to it. Follow and support him at https://track.gs/7MvFCr. 

Most of all, check on your friends and family and get help if you need it. 


  1. This is an important message to share! Thank you.

    1. I really feel like it is important, especially if I am going to be honest about who I am. I really want people to know that they are not alone and there is nothing to be ashamed of.


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