Trust Your Gut - If You Are Not 100%, Do Not Ride! ‘and wear your protective gear’

“Ah, Gravity Thou is a Heartless Bitch”
~ Dr. Sheldon Cooper ~

Trust Your Gut - If You Are Not 100%, Do Not Ride!
‘and wear your protective gear’

Thursday, I went straight to an eye appointment after work while riding the bike. During that appointment, the Doctor asked me about having my eyes dilated. I could not remember when the last time was when I had one. She suggested that I get one while I was there and that I had my sunglasses, it should be alright.

Well, let me tell you that it was not okay or even a slightly good idea. As soon as I pulled away from the office, a voice sounded in my head. It was the instructor, Jim from the MSF class I took, it said, “if you are not 100%, don’t ride”. I thought that maybe I should get a cold drink and wait this out a while…but, it was close to 100 degrees and I was only a couple of miles away from home. My plan was to take a mostly shady, side road home.

That plan quickly fell apart when the light turned green and I went into a left turn on a very busy street to get to the side road. Having my eyes absorbing every shred of light that the day could produce, I could not judge and navigate the turn. My eyes fixated on the approaching curb and grass in front of me, that should be on my right-hand side during this turn. The next thing I know, my left side is slamming on the road with the full weight of the bike (650 lbs) is laying on my lower left leg and I cannot get out from under it.
The road is not always kind
Bent turn signal

Luckily a young man jumped out of his car and took some of the weight off so that I could climb out and lift the bike upright. I took a quick assessment to determine that if the bike started I would ride it home and see what damage I did to myself and it there. I popped the left side of my visor back in because it had come loose on impact with the ground. The young man and a lady who stopped, waited for me to collect myself and used their cars to alert other drivers that they had to go around.
I thanked both of them profusely and cautiously went on my way. I was sweating ridiculously now and my ankle was beginning to burn on the front and inside. I did not want to look at it until I got the bike home. I hobbled in the house and asked Kristen to take my left sock off. Of course, she looked at me funny because this was not a request I made normally. As soon as Riley noticed my pain and discomfort she climbed on my lap and patted my shoulder.

I am going to be sore for a while but it could have been much worse if I had not been wearing protective gear. I knew that my hand was scraped up a bit but was not until after I had been home for a while that I noticed my left shoulder was bruised and my helmet was pretty scraped up. The gloves, riding jacket and helmet all did their jobs. I was just telling someone how hard it was to put them on when it is this hot, I will never question their significance again.
Those scrapes on the visor and helmet would have been my face hitting the road. 

A friend came by and we looked it over last night but I took it for a ride this morning and something does not feel and sound right. Hopefully, I can get it figured out very soon and get back to riding. I have 520 miles under my belt (and a few feet under the bike) and I am ready for many more upright miles to go. 

Protection is no joke. You think it is cool to live dangerous then you be my guess. I will try not to judge you but I will continue to protect myself as much as possible when I ride. Be safe and Roll on.


  1. Ahhh! This is so scary! Glad you are ok and smart enough to wear protective gear!

    1. Thank you! It is very frustrating because I feel like I knew better and did it anyway. Now it will be in the shop before the first payment is processed.

  2. Wow Eric, I'm so glad that you're ok! Be careful!! Thank goodness for your protective gear and the good Samaritans. Love you! -Tracey


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