Day of Activity - The Thanksgiving Movement 2013

“A movement is only composed of people moving. To feel its warmth and motion around us is the end as well as the means.”
~Gloria Steinem~

The idea of a Thanksgiving run came to me one day when I was thinking about the holidays and a lot of friends and family being spread all over the place. Sure there are Turkey Trots and other Thanksgiving runs that I could have signed up for, but these were not the people I wanted to run with. I also really dislike paying to run unless it is fun or challenging and not expensive. So I figured instead of missing these people, I would take this opportunity to get people out doing something and get involved in an activity on the holiday. I did not want to limit this to only runners because I know not everyone enjoys running, so I opened it up to any physical activity. I decided to use face book to get the word out and at first I thought people might think this was a dumb idea but quickly people began joining. Although some of the group would have exercised anyway that day, my objective was to get the people who might not be inclined to commit to doing it.

My wife and I met a couple of friends at a local park in the morning and went for a run. It was a brisk morning and we got to see a lot of deer and witness the sunrise over the lake and get caught up on life events. Other activities included; attending an early morning yoga class, a couple were on vacation in Denver and ran a 5K with a friend and beautiful mountain views, a few friends running all over NYC chasing the Macy’s parade around the city, my sister and niece going for a brisk morning walk, an experienced trail runner introducing the sport to a new trail runner, another helping his mother complete her first 5K, others getting out with family and friends going for walks and runs and one even joining in from across the pond in the UK. I would have loved to be able to get together with all of you and spend some quality time for the day; unfortunately logistics and life do not always allow us to have what we want. So we make the best of it and stay in touch and help hold each other accountable. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s stories and knowing that even though we could not be together, we could still participate in this activity. I miss some of my old running companions but social media has allowed us to not only keep in touch, it has also given us the chance to get to know others. We will have to do this every now and again just to keep track of everyone and keep moving because movement is life!

Thank you for joining me for this activity and stay tuned for the next time we all join in from across the miles for a day of activity. 


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