Mobile therapy in new shoes.

This past weekend has been a combination of getting back to running after a twelve day break, getting used to new shoes and the return of COLD weather. Friday I took my new Brooks Pure Connect 2 to the Community Center to do some run/walk intervals on the indoor track, running a total of two miles. They felt pretty good, different but good and really light. So Saturday I took them to a local park and met a friend trying them outside for three miles and a mile and a half walk and they still felt pretty good. There was definitely some new muscle soreness but I was expecting that to a point. Sunday I let my wife pick the route and by the way it was twelve degrees at 6:30 in the morning when we left the (nice warm) house. This would turn out to be a little over five and a half miles and fairly hilly and about two-thirds of the way through I was feeling my toes getting numb. I am still not sure if the shoes were a little tight or if it was the cold but it was not unbearable, I did my assessments and made adjustments when I began to feel it.

So running three days in a row and paying so much attention to my new shoes and of course finishing a run with ice-cycles in my hair and my glasses frozen to my headband made me realize something. I was not thinking as much about how rough the previous week had been. So now I am back to work with a fresh new week in front of me and sore legs but it is true that running is cheaper than therapy! Oh, we pay for it but in different ways. We pay in time, sweat, commitment and frozen and sore body parts but I assure you that it is better, more convenient and longer lasting that any drug. And most of all no one is trying to recreate your family tree and ask you a bunch of questions while you run.  

I guess it is time to settle in for the long winter ahead because I have a lot of miles to cover between now and April. I will run as many of those miles outside as physically possible on the streets when I have to and on the trails when I can. The next challenge I have coming up is the Alternate Chili Run, which is a 10 mile trail run on December 14th It is held on a trail I have not run on as of yet but have heard many stories about. The prize at the finish is chili and nano-brewed beer, talk about some incentive! I am going to try to get in on a group run or two out on these trails before the run so I have an idea what to expect.

So, next time the world starts to close in and tension begins to get the best of you. Grab your shoes and lace up for a mobile therapy session!

See you out there!


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