If you are not enough without it, you will never be enough with it.

The literal translation of Cool Runnings is “Go in Peace” or “Safe Journey”

During my pre-dawn run this morning I was letting a lot of thoughts flow through my head. I was allowing my brain to take out the trash until it found what it wanted to focus on. Curiously enough a phrase from the movie Cool Running was hanging around when John Candy’s character says “if you are not enough without it, you will never be enough with it.” This was when he was explaining that he was so obsessed with winning that he cheated and had his gold medal taken away. Sorry but sometimes you have to go a long way out of your way to come a short distance. Anyway, this got me thinking more about whether I wanted to do a 50K right now or was it that I felt like I needed to do it just to say I did. I have stated before that I enjoy running and it is a great release for me as well as a great way to keep in shape and how at times I really have not enjoyed running “because I had to” when it was a part of a training schedule.

I know so many people who train for a big event and then get completely burned out and stop all training after, only to have to start over from the beginning. So far I have been able to maintain 20-25 miles a week for over a year and a half. If something comes up or a friend wants to run with me, I adjust my schedule with no pressure. I don’t know about you but my life is full of pressure situations, I do not need to create any more. Why in the world would I want to take something I enjoy and make it another source of pressure? If I can maintain and continue to build my mileage and focus on all the health benefits from running and still jump into a race every now and then for fun, who cares if I never do anything longer than a half marathon? I still want to take off some night or morning and run until I have nothing left and sit on the curb unable to go another step and call my wife to come pick me up, simply to see how far I get. But that will be my call when I do it. I will not have to write it on the calendar and hope that on that specific day I feel good and everything falls into place just right. There is still a chance for a 25K or maybe even something longer sometime, but for the moment I am good doing what I am doing.

I have a number of things in my work and personal life that demand my attention and focus right now. The things I enjoy most are helping and encouraging others to reach their potential and by doing that I reach mine. In matters of personal training or lifestyle advice I have always stuck to a real life approach and I think that is what I am doing in this case. I will be here to run some miles with you or support you and help you train in any way I can.   The funny thing is that the people who were the most supportive of the original idea to do the race are the first ones to be supportive if I don’t do it. Coming to the end of another early morning winter run with the sun barely a glow along the edge of the horizon I have come to this conclusion: I like what I have been doing, I will continue to grow as a runner, and last but surely not least I can say Hey coach, I am enough without it.

Stay tuned to see where the journey takes me from here. Please feel free to comment and suggest topics for discussion if you have any you want to explore. Until next time, see you on the streets or trails. Thank you so much for joining me and cool runnings to you!


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