Time to put some more miles in the bank and run off this week

“Build step by step. Push yourself, but not too hard. Learn. Keep it fun.” 

~Matt Fitzgerald~

Time to put some more miles in the bank and run off this week

I luckily have gotten a couple of good runs in this week but, boy do I need one now! This as they say has been a week from… well, you know where. Work has constantly had me stressed and wanting to bang my head against the concrete wall. Enough about that frustrating subject; let’s look at what might be in store on the running front. As I said I got in a nice 5 miles in Tuesday morning with a temperature of 2 degrees and then another 5 with a friend on Wednesday afternoon at about 30 degrees warmer. I am looking forward to pushing the miles again in the weeks to come, so we will see how that goes. Either way I have a decision to make soon. I want to do a trail half each month this spring (March, April and May). I am already signed up for the Kansas Free State half in April but the big decision is on the one in four weeks. The dilemma with that one is that I really want to do the Mrs. Robinsons 10K, which sounds like a lot of fun, but, it is the day before the half. So I will see what happens in the next couple of weeks to see which one I go for. Something big is coming before the end of this summer though I can feel it. As long as I can keep enjoying what I am doing and not stress out about it.

I am getting the opportunity to help my friend Carl train for one of the biggest and most intense runs that a runner can take on. Which is the infamous Badwater 135 mile race which takes place around Death Valley in July; if that is not enough there is a little run up the side of a mountain at the end for anyone crazy enough to add it on. It will be fun and interesting to join in on some of his training runs and learn more about ultras. Next month I will help crew and pace part of the Prairie Spirit 100. I do not know how many miles I will cover yet but it is a great opportunity and I am excited to do it. Maybe the psychological aspect of disguising some of my long training runs as helping a friend with his training will do the trick. Either way it is going to be a fun ride.

While I am out this weekend running in the mildest temperatures we have had in a while I know my friends and family in the north east are getting pounded with snow. You know I love you but better you than me ;) Be safe!

Got to run! See you on the flip side!


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